THE JINGI ラフイメージ
 They are known as Japanese mafia. but the new type of Yakuza who does not belong to any organization wnd honor a pledge. Ishida,aguy beheading sluts. Long-haired Moria,swinging a samurai aword. A reticent hitman. Mr. Blood. A wife of a mob member. Bonita who is a mink lover. 40 years in pimp life. Mr. Soap. ken-chan. a guy who has a longing for Ken Takakura. A crazy silver hair,Kouno. These guys now wage a bloody war in Shinjuku area, 'cause a drag queen lover Ishida had beheaded Morita's chick Bonita. This war escalates into a disaster involving the entire public in shinjuku, and ends up depleting the population in shinjuku by nearly half. This is what we call "Shinjuku Cleanup war."
ストーリー 新宿スッキリ戦争 主な登場人物 相関関係 ナイスシーン